In conjunction with the Institute we can accomplish our mission and share our values through building the partnerships with other Christian organizations and Schools, and also through make available our resources for abroad and building a network of leaders who will adopt the values and support one another in live based on this.



  • Leader Formation Institute - EE


    LFI-EE is a three year structured intensive and informal process of mentoring offer for leaders from Eastern Europe with a formal credential as a postgraduate program (60 credit hours) through University of Bucharest – Faculty of Baptist Theology.


    Target group: Church and para-church leaders

    • Pastor
    • Wife
    • Family
    • Elders
    • Deacons
    • Other church leaders in the community and the country


    Requirements: for entrance into the program:

    • Proven mentors
    • Willingness to commit to the program and its demands
    • Willingness to pay for part of the program
    • Participation in at least one of the previous pastors conferences or read the books (Effective Pastoring – Willian Lawrence)
    • From diverse denominations
    • Speak and Read English fluent
    • Able to attend as a family one week per year  
    • Minimum Bachelor Degree (not necessary in Theology)
    • Submit the formal documents for University of Bucharest


    Method of teaching:

    • Use a mentoring method of teaching the concepts
    • Use a three-stage module approach
    • Pre-module assignments:
      • Review preparation materials
      • Read assigned books
      • Do assigned research
      • Do practical assignments that prepare each mentoree for participation in the module itself
    • In-module involvement:
      • Come having completed all assignments
      • Attend all sessions
      • Participate in each session as directed by the coaches
      • Give full attention to the teaching and training presented in the module
      • Participate in one coach-mentor private consultation per year during one of the two module sessions
    • Post-module assignments:
      • Do post-module assignments as directed by the coaches in order to apply the material learned to the mentoree’s ministry
      • Report back on work carried out in accordance with the coaches’ direction
      • Participate in regular conference calls with peers and coaches



    • Fall 2009:

      Orientation (Skype or Two days meeting)


    • Spring 2010:

      Leader Formation Fundaments: Intimacy, Identity and Integrity
      Dr. William Lawrence

      • Spiritual formation/disciplines
      • Spiritual life: understanding and living the Christian life
      • Healthy personal identity
      • Self-management (moral discipline, physical discipline, personal freedom from anger, fear, unforgiveness, giving and keeping one’s word, follow through, and other concerns)


    • Fall 2010:

      Healthy Relationships (Marriage, Church):
      Somebody appointed from Dr. Lawrence


    • Spring 2011:

      Leader Formation Perspectives: God, Grace, Culture: (Galatians; Grace focused living, Freedom from legalism,…)
      Dr. William Lawrence


    • Fall 2011:

      Contemporary Theological Discernment:
      Dr. Joel Lawrence – Bethel Seminary


    • Spring 2012:

      Leader Formation Mentoring and Multiplication:
      Dr. William Lawrence


    • Fall 2012:

      Communication and Organizational Leadership Skills:
      Dr. Don Sunukjian and ...



  • Leader Formation Partnerships


    Aim: To teach the Leader Formation Values in the existing or future programs.


    Target group: Christian organizations and Schools from Romania and abroad.



    • Strategic Organization and Schools
    • Willing to accept our topics and method of teaching
    • Value the leadership


    Existing Possibilities:

    • Daniel Fodorean teach each year an intensive course at the Bucharest Seminary
    • BIG – LFI-EE - One Course - MA in Global Leadership (Bill/Daniel)
    • LFI-EE in conjunction with BIG strategic partnership for Moldova
    • LFI-EE partnership with Moldova Bible College

  • Leader Formation Network


    Aim: To make available our resources for abroad and building a network of leaders who will adopt the values and support one another in live based on this.


    Tools: Printing Books, DVD’s, Web page, Skype, Forums


    Existing Possibilities:

    • In one or two years to build a distance learning program
    • Organize a Forum in UK in conjunction with some churches and possible Schools (2010)