We meet the needs of the church leader by focusing on the leader’s heart and how this relates to the leader’s skills resulting in a growing integrity before God and man.


We bring a unique focus on the connection between the leader’s heart, hands, and head in order to form whole leaders for Eastern European.


We focus first on the foundational sub-cultural human realities (the commonality of fallen man, such as independence from God, self-reliance, identity struggles, and pride that are common to all cultures) and then on the culturally conditioned specific skills needed to lead in Eastern European .


We mentor leaders in how to mentor other leaders thus multiplying our influence in the community and the country.


We use a process of forming leaders that fits the Eastern European culture: in Eastern European countries for Eastern European countries and eventually by Eastern European countries.


We have an indigenous strategy that will be a model for other parts of the world.


We will equip Eastern European leaders to teach biblical principles of leadership and mentoring the Eastern European way.


We are a learning/transformation ministry through which the heart is changed, the mind is renewed, and the hands are released.


We minister to both husbands and wives.